Disney’s Bob Iger Telling Successful Stories in the Tech Era

Disney’s Bob Iger Telling Successful Stories in the Tech Era

The technology world is growing and changing with rapid advances. And the threat coming from tech giants is disrupting the entertainment industry. During Bob Iger’s leadership years, Disney has made more than one big acquisition. Iger says that the motivation was building scale in storytelling. 

Let’s see how Disney’s Bob Iger is fighting the competition so to not only remain competitive but also thrive. Also, you’ll know where you can obtain secure and low-cost business funding, such as a cash advance, to move your business to the next level without major financial challenges. 

Disney’s Bob Iger on Successful Storytelling 

According to Iger, being a successful, effective storytelling engine is a business model. And the era of technology has disrupted this business model. As Iger further notes, the world has never changed as fast as today. 

To fight the competition, Disney started telling stories through technology platforms like Disney+. This way, the company aimed to reach out to more people and expand to more markets across the world. Iger views technology as a tool enabling them to tell more stories to more people,

Remaining Competitive in the Tech World: Cash Advance 

According to Disney’s Bob Iger, the move to a digital direct-to-consumer model of entertainment distribution is about staying in that business at a larger scale. And this move continues, thus causing more damage to the traditional media platforms. 

In today’s era of technologies, businesses are struggling to remain competitive. It’s increasingly more vital to adapt to today’s digital transformation. For example, Walmart has spent 11.7 billion in technology investment, thus becoming the third-largest IT spender worldwide, staying behind only Amazon and Alphabet.

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Disney’s Bob on Successful Storytelling in the Tech-Dominated Era

Technology giants have brought disruption in the entertainment industry. Moreover, the tech industry is now playing a more dominant role than predicted. It’s important to keep up with the industry trends to avoid staying behind. Disney is telling successful stories with the help of technology. 

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